About Kaniz

Software/firmware developer, web programmer, gamer, traveler, language lover, and problem solver.

Ping-Hsien (also better known as Kaniz) has a background in both computer science and electrical engineering fields and has developed his interest in programming since 16. After receiving his MS degree and having worked on multiple commercial projects in Taiwan, he relocated to Thailand in pursuit of a more diverse, competitive environment.

In 2015, after several years of learning how often small businesses struggle with their accounting and cash management, he leveraged his ERP and BI knowledge to start Pymlo with an aim to help SMEs to digitize accounting procedures and improve business efficiency.

With over a decade of career experience, he is always seeking to help the ecosystem and open to challenges and global opportunities.

Expert in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate, Vaadin, PostgreSQL, RESTful API, AWS, microservices, cloud-based solution architectures, and proficient in JavaScript, JQuery, Scala, Kotlin, Flutter, Node.js, Docker, Apache Kafka, C, C++, embedded Linux.