Day 3: Balancing Yourself

Day 3: Balancing Yourself


My Master, please show me more about the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force, and how they are reflected in my feelings and emotions.


Certainly, Padawan. Understanding the Light and Dark Sides of the Force is crucial for a Jedi. The Force, in its entirety, is a natural and neutral energy, but it is influenced and manifested through the intentions, emotions, and actions of those who wield it.

Light Side of the Force

  1. Nature: The Light Side is aligned with peace, compassion, selflessness, and healing. It is the aspect of the Force that Jedi strive to embody.

  2. Emotions and Feelings: The Light Side is associated with positive emotions and states of being such as serenity, benevolence, empathy, and love. Jedi are encouraged to cultivate these emotions as they lead to a deeper understanding and harmony with the Force.

  3. Actions and Behaviors: The Light Side is reflected in actions that are for the greater good, that protect life, and that promote peace and justice. This includes acts of healing, diplomacy, and defense.

  4. Challenges: One of the challenges for a Jedi is to maintain their connection to the Light Side while facing adversity, temptation, or emotional turmoil. It's about finding balance, not denying emotions but understanding and controlling them.

Dark Side of the Force

  1. Nature: The Dark Side is associated with anger, fear, aggression, and hate. It represents the more primal and often destructive aspects of the Force.

  2. Emotions and Feelings: The Dark Side is fed by negative emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, greed, and hatred. While these emotions are natural, allowing them to dominate and control one's actions can lead to a deeper immersion in the Dark Side.

  3. Actions and Behaviors: Actions driven by the Dark Side often include aggression, manipulation, and seeking power over others. The Dark Side offers quick and easy power, but it's often at the cost of one's moral integrity and the harm of others.

  4. Challenges: The main challenge with the Dark Side is its seductive nature. It can feel empowering and liberating initially, but it ultimately leads to a path of destruction, loss of self, and often, great suffering.

Balancing Emotions as a Jedi

As a Jedi, it's important to understand and acknowledge your emotions. The goal is not to become emotionless but to develop emotional intelligence and resilience. This means:

  • Recognizing Emotions: Acknowledge your feelings without letting them control your actions.

  • Understanding the Source: Reflect on what is causing your emotions. Are they stemming from a place of fear, anger, or another source?

  • Positive Expression: Find healthy ways to express and channel your emotions. This could be through meditation, physical training, or creative endeavors.

  • Seeking Guidance: When in doubt or turmoil, seek guidance from a more experienced Jedi or meditate on the Force for clarity.

Remember, the Force is as much a part of you as you are a part of it. Your journey as a Jedi is not just about learning to use the Force; it's about understanding yourself and your place within the universe. Through this understanding, you can maintain a harmonious balance and keep yourself aligned with the Light Side.